La Cocina @ USJ 9, Subang Jaya

Updated on 15/09/2008 here


Cuisine: Spanish
Price: ~ RM 45/pax (3 course)
Service: 3.5 (refer to score rating)

This would be my second Spanish dining experience in Malaysia, the first being La Bodega (which I personally find completely overrated). Tucked away in the middle of USJ 9, next to the busy Taipan (USJ 10), parking here is much easier.

The quaint little restaurant has a warm decor of brown wood and bricks. Spanish music plays in the background – not the Bebel Gilberto bosa nova we’re used to.. but someone, I believe, more “authentic” (and rather screechy). It was a good attempt, the ambience – much attention was put into the details, from the garlic bulbs hanging from the walls to the posters and pictures.

We ordered the a paella negres (seafood paella in squid ink – their speciality) and 3 tapas (tigris – deep fried shrimp and clam.. i think, a brocolli thing and lamb balls with tomato sauce) to share. The food was actually pretty good.

The paella was tasty, but being the typical Asian, we all added chilli flakes/tabasco sauce/black pepper (nothing tastes as good if your tongue doesn’t burn :p). I didn’t think the prawns were very fresh, or maybe the were slightly overcooked. But it was a generous helping – we ordered for 2, the 3 of us were really stuffed at the end (but we’re not big burly men.. so what do we know).

The lamb was tender, the tomato base was flavourful. The brocolli was cooked in lots of garlic and dried chilli – had a real kick to it. Even the deep fried shrimp/clam thing (tigris) was yummy (which says a lot cos I don’t like fried food). The bread coating was nicely fried and crunchy, and it didn’t have oil dripping out onto the plate – so unappetising.

For the less adventurous Malaysian, it’s worth trying. Something a little more exotic, but not too far from our Asian pallete. I’m thinking, I can actually bring my parents here.. epitome of Chinese-Asian pallete, they didn’t even like Vintry.

Service at the restaurant was above the Malaysian average. The waiters were attentive, but should really learn not to mumble when they talk.

We decided to share the home made Cinnamon ice cream for dessert, claiming we were all stuffed.. more like no one wants to put on more weight. It tasted like, and I quote, “Indian ice cream”. The cinnamon after taste, and smell, were quite apparent in the vanilla ice cream. It’s good, if you like cinnamon.

We didn't have a cake.. so she blew out the candle on the table..

We didn't have a cake.. so she just blew out the candle..

Yakking away, we realised none of us wanted the evening to end. So we ordered ourselves some coffee, a good sample of what they offered – Caffe Lecche with baileys, Moccacino and brewed coffee. We think, if you’re a coffee drinker, stay away. Weak in taste, milky and watered down – they need to work on improving their coffee.


I’d definitely come back again. It’s a nice place to hang out after a long day at work. Good food and a relaxing, warm ambience to yak the night away.

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Address: 38 USJ9/5P, Subang Jaya [google map]
Phone: +603 8023 2395; +6012-2096573

One response to “La Cocina @ USJ 9, Subang Jaya

  1. The food is great, great ambience, attentive staff and a must for lovers of Paella and Spanish food.

    Check out their softshell crab and calamari.


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