Chef & Brew @ Bkt Damansara

Cuisine: Malaysian, Fusion, Western
Price: ~ RM 20/pax (for lunch)
Service: 3.5 (refer to glossary)

We were on a quest, my bored colleagues and I. On the rare occasion of downtime at the office, we were bored out of our wits. Our minds ventured, far and wide – and a plan was conceived. A plan of our discrete escape from the office to our destination – Just Heavenly cakes.

On the dot at 12, we ventured nonchalantly towards the lifts, from our respective corners of the office. Not attracting attention of any sort from the stressed faces plastered to the (terribly slow) Dell monitors. After some arguing of direction, and a few turns round the Plaza Damansara area, we managed to stumble onto our long awaited cake lunch…..

It was closed.  =_=

Disappointed, we decided to pacify my getting-crankier-by-the-moment colleague by eating at Chef & Brew right opposite. It’s my second time there. The first was not impressive.. so I had my reservations.

The ambience was nice, as it was the first time. It had a very open feel to it. There was plenty of space, good for chatting, even business lunches.

The decor was simple, not too modern that it’s cold, yet not too conventional that it’s gaudy.

My friend ordered the Kung Pou Pasta and I ordered the Chicken Sandwich to share (with the guy… a rather big guy I might add). We were served some bread to munch on whilst waiting for our main course – as is expected of such a place.

We got half a slice of toast each. No fancy rolls or bread sticks – white slices of toast. To be fair, it was very nicely toasted.

Kung Pou Chicken Pasta

Kung Pou Chicken Pasta

The portion of pasta was pretty generous. It looked really good too. My colleague said it was OK. My sandwich came, once again without fancy focacia or ciabatta, which I tend to expect at a place like this. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The sandwich was quite yummy. The chicken fillet was grilled with some sort of sauce that resembles soy sauce (in colour and liquidity). There was no mayo (that’s always good.. i ask for it to be removed anyway). There was just enough veg in it (tomatoes and cucumber mainly) to make it crunchy and fresh tasting.

I didn’t take a picture of it cos I forgot. I was too hungry, and when I finally remembered, it was too late.

We were too stuffed for dessert.. and too reluctant to try potentially “sub-par” dessert, not from Just Heavenly cakes as we had planned, so we skipped that. They did serve the famous chocolate coated durian cake at Chef & Brew though. But we already swore not to eat it, for fear that the strong smell of durian would blow our cover.

Barely satisfied, we went back to the office.


It’s a nice place to hang out. But I’m not willing to take the gamble of “choosing the right dish”, given the price and the location.

Other reviews: ms.chocoholic, xiaolongbao, themamakcorner
Address: Epicure, Lot 50576 Jalan Medan Setia [google map]
Phone: +603 2095 5069
Opening Hours: 11am – late; 365 days (says so at the entrance)

One response to “Chef & Brew @ Bkt Damansara

  1. chef n brew is also one of my fav hang out place. Luv the ambience

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