mydressroom @ Jln Maarof, Bangsar

Updated on 20/09/2008 here


Clothes: Casual, Work, Shoes
Price: RM50 – RM 200+
Speciality: Limited pieces per design
Service: 3 (refer to glossary)

I’ve noticed the signature big pink buttons when driving past Jalan Maarof before (I’ve a thing for buttons.. especially big ones), but the reason for my going in was a blog review. Seemed like a good place to get stuff that’s not made for the masses, unlike (for e.g.) G2000 where I end up seeing 2 to 3 girls wearing the same shirt I’m wearing in a day. =_=

I’ve gotten numerous things from there before – shoes, skirts, shorts (some of which I have not even worn). Whilst the clothes are on the pricy side for a Bangsar boutique, I’ve always been OK paying for the “uniqueness” of it.. until..

Do you see that???? It ripped !! I bought it a couple of weeks ago, wore it today, walked around for about 2 hours and it ripped !!!

Actually, if you look carefully, it didn’t rip – it’s all frayed. So I suspect that the tailors were cost cutting on the cloth, and sewed it way to near the edge.. and now it’s frayed!! It was like RM70 or RM80 for this pair of shorts and I wore it for about 2 hours !! *sobs*

I really like them.

I bought these shorts together with this pair of yellow heels.

After wearing them twice, the black bit at the end of one the heels was worn out.. or fell off. I thought maybe I’m just too rough for the heels. Didn’t think much about it and brought it one those street side cobblers and fixed it for RM 5.

But now I’m thinking, the stuff ain’t cheap. It’s not too much to ask for slightly better quality stuff, no?

I’m going to try my luck and go back to the store.. ask her about the shorts. I mean, if I bought it from Comma for RM30, whatever man. But it’s double the price. This is far from double the quality. I don’t really care if they replace it or they just mend it. I really like ’em !!! *sighs*

We’ll see what they say. *sobs*

Other reviews: thefauxfashionista
Address:  52-1 (1st Floor), Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru [google map]
Phone: +603 2287 2008
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 1200-2100; Sun 120-1930

2 responses to “mydressroom @ Jln Maarof, Bangsar

  1. hey there, im a mydressroom customer as well and really surprised by your comment. firstly i bought the same shorts as u (size S) 1 month ago and i wore it 5-6 times already but no problem with the quality so far.. by the way, what size did u buy?
    anyways, whenever there are any problem with their clothes, i always bring them back and they are more than willing to repair them without any charges. maybe u can try to bring it back to them to fix, im sure they will repair for u FOC. another thing, that shorts i bought it for RM59.90 only (not RM70 as u claimed), think u remembered the price wrongly.
    also, other boutiques in bangsar are selling similar shorts for at least RM69.90 so i think their price is reasonable given their unique design. no comment on the shoes as i have only bought a pair of shoes from them and so far no complains

  2. Yea… i think it’s just my luck that it was frayed.. but I updated the post already.. (

    I went back to them some time last week and they said they’d get it fixed.. no questions asked. Was quite impressed.🙂

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